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Special Meeting of the Town of Enosburgh Selectboard, Village of Enosburg Falls Board of Trustees, Town of Enosburgh Planning Commission

October 14, 2014


Present:               Walter Scott (Vice Chair), Guy Breault, William Spears, Jr., Leonard Charron

Jonathan Elwell, Caroline Marcy, Penny Demar, Pierre Letourneau, Angie Wright, Pat Hayes, Bill Spears, Jr., Amanda Cronin

Guest:  Katherine Dimitruk – Regional Planning Commission                 


Meeting called to order by Village of Enosburg Falls Vice Chair, Walter Scott at 6:36 p.m.


There was no quorum of the Town of Enosburgh Selectboard or the Town of Enosburgh Planning Commission.  Therefore, no decisions were made at this meeting.


  1. Consideration of Changes/Modifications to Agenda



  1. Consolidation of Town and Village Development Review Boards

Discussion ensued regarding the merging of the Village and Town DRB Boards.  The issues presented for further discussion included determining the number of DRB members (i.e. 5 members and 2 alternates), split representation between Village and Town pros and cons, and who will take minutes for the DRB.   Due to the fact there was not a quorum present of all boards, no decisions about this item could be made.  There was a consensus that each board would take up the DRB consolidation discussion separately with the intent of trying for agreement between all boards for a 5 member DRB with 2 alternates.  If 5 could not be agreed to, then 7 would be a second option.


Katherine Dimitruk stated that the RPC will provide guidance through this process.   She mentioned that the new merged DRB Board will also have to establish new rules of procedures.


  1. Consideration of Joint Bylaws

Discussion continued regarding creating joint by-laws or maintaining separate by-laws for each municipality.


Katherine Dimitruk recommended that separate by-laws be maintained for a period of time to give members familiarly with both sets of by-laws.  The goal would be to strive to eventually create joint by-laws – possibility with a planning grant in a year or so.

Michael Gervais entered the meeting at 7:00 pm.


  1. Communication Between Boards, ZA Position

Jonathan Elwell advised that communication lines between the Village, Town, Planning Commission, Zoning Administrator, and DRB Boards should be determined in order to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

It was concluded that the most appropriate line of communication should be as follows:

  • The Village should send all information, notices, warnings, etc. to Amanda Cronin, Angie Wright, and Billie Jo in order to disseminate to the proper boards and members.
  • The Town should send all information, notices, warnings, etc. to Jon Elwell.


  • Whoever calls the meeting – warns the meeting and is responsible for taking the minutes unless the meeting falls on one of the regular board meeting nights.  In that case, the municipality holding the regular meeting will warn the meeting and take minutues.
  • Caroline Marcy will be responsible for posting notices, minutes, warnings on the Village web-site.
  • Amanda Cronin volunteered to be responsible for posing the Planning Commission notices, agendas, and minutes to the Town web-site and for sending a copy to the Village for posting.
  • Angie Wright will be responsible for sending notices, agendas, and minutes for the Town DRB to Billie Jo and the Village DRB to Caroline.



  1. Other Business

Penny Demar volunteered to connect will all members of the Village and Town DRB Boards to see who would like to serve on the merged DRB Board by November 5th.


  1. Adjourn

There being no other business to come before the Boards, Pat Hayes made the motion to adjourn.  Pierre Letourneau seconded.  Unamimous. The meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,



Caroline Marcy, Director of Finance